15 Apr 2014

"Moments" - Anderson Paak

Directed by: Andrew Kurchinski

"for the moment, these clouds have gone, gone away…as long as I live this life astray, the piece of mind will never fade”

13 Apr 2014

only about a million times better than the original:

"Sweetest Taboo" - Sade (1985) 

9 Apr 2014

8 Apr 2014

"Los Trapitos Al Agua" - Mr Black

old school champeta…urban colombian music.

"El Cipriano" - Mr Black

If you wanna know how to dance Champeta, check the link:

Two Homies Killin’ It to Champeta

The song they are dancing to: "La Orejera Espeluca Vacile"

7 Apr 2014

"Pipoca Moderna" (Caetano Veloso / Sebastião Biano) 
"Back in Bahia" (Gilberto Gil)
"O Canto da Ema" (João do Valle / Aires Viana / Alventino Cavalcanti)
"Chiclete com Banana" (Almira Castilho/Gordurinha)
"Ele e Eu" (Gilberto Gil)
"Sai do Sereno" (Onildo Almeida)
"Expresso 2222" (Gilberto Gil)
"O Sonho Acabou" (Gilberto Gil)
"Oriente" (Gilberto Gil)
"Cada Macaco no seu Galho" (Riachão)
"Vamos Passear no Astral" (Gilberto Gil)
"Está na Cara, Está na Cura" (Gilberto Gil)

31 Mar 2014


30 Mar 2014


29 Mar 2014

22 Mar 2014

Fresh outta Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Systema Solar is a collective of different Colombian musicians drawing inspiriation from traditional Colombians beats and rhythms - such as Cumbia, Fandango, Champeta and Bullerengue. - and syynthesizing these Afro-Caribbean beats with Hip Hop, Techno, and Break music to create a truly unique sound.

With amazing visual performances, live mixing and scratching, Systema Solar’s live shows are one of the most electrifying acts to come out of Latin America in recent years. Watch some of their concet footage here:

Systema Solar Live - La Revancha del Burro Tour, 2013

Their newest album, “La Revancha del Burro,” is worth the download just to get a feel for their unique sound and lyrics:

"La Esquina del Movimiento" - Systema Solar

"Yo Voy Ganao" - Systema Solar

"Antena" - Systema Solar

and if you’ve never heard their debut album, listen to some tracks below:

"Mi Kolombia" - Systema Solar

"Ya Verás" - Systema Solar

This last one is a special jam if you actually understand what they’re saying….es que…no lo entiendo, ¿sabes?

"Sin Oficio" - Systema Solar


9 Mar 2014

"Cógele el golpe" - Israel Cachao

"Trombón Melancólico" - Israel Cachao